Naturally YOU in the workplace.

It's 2018 and we are still at a point where, what looks professional is still up for debate. Seems like a stupid thing to be arguing about, but quite frankly, we live in a world where appearances are EVERYTHING no matter where you go. In most cases it is easy understand, after all, who the heck would feel comfortable doing business with someone who looks sloppy, as though they didn't even bother to try? No one, right? Oftentimes, your appearance is directly linked to your professionalism. This is the point in which people look at you and question whether you are skilled or not. As sad as this is, it's our reality. However, how you look in the workplace is not the focus of this article. This is more about the perception of what is considered a professional look. In this case, hair.

Story time:

Growing up I never realized how skewed the business world really was, until I was old enough to work myself. I always thought they focused on actual skills and work ethics rather than appearances. Boy was I wrong. I learned quickly that my natural curls weren't accepted in the work place. I can't tell you how many times I was told to 'Do something', with my hair and that I didn't look ready for work, honestly I was confused by what they really meant. You see I had a college professor explain things about the working world and 'Professionalism' in a very direct way. To be quite blunt, what those people REALLY meant was that natural 'black' hair was not professional. Instead it was viewed as messy and tacky. This is something that completely frustrates me, I mean come on! How could the hair you were naturally born with be considered unkempt, even when its brushed or restrained?

As far as I have seen this issue has mostly affected how black women who desire to stick to their natural roots are received. Rather than letting women just be the beautiful souls they are, they are forced to conform to these rules that basically require them to alter themselves to fit into a false image of perfection. Basically, weave or permed hair that matches the 'acceptable' look.

Professional VS Unprofessional

Honestly ask yourselves, why is this considered to be professional.

While this isn't considered professional at all?


Is black hair not beautiful enough? Is it because its wild and free? These days women are allowed to work with mermaid colored hair, but there is still a debate about naturally grown locks? Not only is this perception unfair, it also sends a negative message to women, whether they are black, white or Asian. We are being judged based on the perception of what is beautiful.

As much as the human race has evolved it has also taken several steps back. Instead of telling women to conform to what society deems OK, the world should be telling these women that they are beautiful, that they don't need to change themselves physically to be accepted for a job or anything along those lines.

Is that so much to ask? It's something that is slowly changing but the world hasn't gotten to that point quite yet.

Ladies, no matter what anyone else says, know that you are beautiful beyond comprehension. Never let anyone judge you for being the natural you!

Leave your thoughts and comments below, until next time!


  1. Black hair is beautiful. Unfortunate, there are certain codes to follow. I used to work in a company where unicorn hair, tattoos, ear piercings and sleeveless shirts and jeans weren’t allowed. Eventually things will change, part of life.

    1. I can't believe we are still dealing with this kind of thing! A professional look should be just about being well-groomed, not about what kind of hair you have. Our society has so much further to go. I have a slightly different issue at work. I wear a uniform and there are very strict rules about how we can wear our hair (basically up), but my hair is very straight and very slippery - it just falls out of a braid or bun, so I end up wearing these hideous hairnets around my bun with a million hair pins sticking in my head in order to "conform." I wish we could all just be accepted for the beautiful INDIVIDUALS we are!

  2. This frustrates me a lot too. Black hair is absolutely beautiful. We don't need to or have to change our natural appearance more like the world has to change.

    1. I agree. Natural beauty should be supported.

  3. I definitely understand this! It can be real frustrating at times!

  4. I wear my hair natural the time at work and it does upset me that some consider the natural cool of our hair as unprofessional.