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As a college student it can be difficult to go to school full time while working. Splitting the time and energy needed to do homework, study and work on projects can be absolutely ridiculous sometimes. Especially, since most of us can only afford to work part time. Speaking from personal experiences, I often found myself dashing from school to work with barely enough time to breathe. Let's face the facts people. Working and going to school full time is basically like waiting for a disaster to happen. In my case, it was a matter of time management, after coming home from work and school, I was exhausted and the last thing I wanted to do was homework or study. Sadly, that kind of mentality often results in last minute papers, lack of preparation for exams and occasionally falling asleep in class. As someone that wanted to do my best I didn't find this acceptable. However, I still wanted to earn extra spending money, so I searched for ways to make money easily with out over taxing myself. Obviously, if you have done a similar search yourself, you'll know that blogging is potentially one of the ways to earn, if you are willing to commit to it, but aside from that I found a few things actually that work for me.

Make money from home

After searching on my own for ways to make some extra cash from home, I was able to find two ways that actually paid quickly and required very little from me as far as personal information. I am definitely concerned about security, so I did not want to do anything that would be harmful in the long run. It's perfect for college students as well as anyone else looking to earn spare change.

Swagbucks.com  This is basically an online program that rewards you for doing simple things like surveys or watching videos and shopping. It's very easy to use and allows you to choose what you want to do with your time on their site. All you really need to do is earn enough points to gain rewards, like gift cards for amazon or paypal. It's not my personal favorite because it can often seem like you aren't earning quickly enough, but it does offer a variety of easy tasks that gives you a chance to earn. Definitely worth  a try though, feel free to check it out using my referral link SWAGBUCKS.
Swag Bucks 
Qmee.com This is my favorite option, especially as a college student. Qmee is a program that allows you to earn money by searching online. That's all. You only have to do the one thing that you probably do on a regular basis, whether it's a google search or on something like amazon. Qmee pays out in cents per (usable) search, but when you consider how often we do searches it all adds up eventually. Additionally, Qmee often offers fun alternative ways to earn, through their social media accounts. Recently though, Qmee has also added in the option to do surveys in a similar fashion to Swagbucks. I find it to be easier to use that Swagbucks and all you really need is a paypal account. Qmee allows you to cash your earnings through paypal or use your earnings as a donation to a charity, which is an option I absolutely love to see on a site like this. If you are interested, you can always sign up using my referral QMEE Signup.

I provided my referral for both, but you can simply go to the websites and sign up on your own or to learn more about each program. I simply think that they are fun ways to earn cash with out the added stress. Keep in mind that these programs will not pay the bills, it's simply an alternative way to make some extra spending money in less time.

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