Lakorn/Drama Review Bhupphae Sanniwat

Bhupphae Sanniwat - Love Destiny

Have you ever watched a Thai drama/Lakorn? If not then you should definitely consider watching a drama like Bhupphae Sanniwat.

Bhupphae Sanniwat
Bhuppae Sanniwat is a Thai Lakorn about a modern day girl called Kadesurang, who somehow ends up over 300 years in the past after a car accident. She finds herself in the body of a spoiled and entitled woman called Karekade who is betrothed to a man who hates her for her evil ways. In an odd twist Karakade's spirit asks Kadesurang to change her image in the past and make everyone see that she can be a good person and build good karma for her. The male lead hates her in the beginning and is suspicious of every thing she does, but eventually they start to fall in love and secrets are revealed.

Bhuppae Sanniwat staring Thai actors Bella Vanita and Pope Tanawat, is already gearing towards a second season.

Bella Vanita
Bella Vanita -Kadesurang/Karakade
Pope Sanawat
Pope Sanawat- Muen Suntorndewa

Drama Review

To be direct, I loved Bhupphae Sanniwat! Honestly, I tend to like historical dramas a lot, but Bhuppae Sanniwat is one of the better dramas in my opinion. I loved Bella as the lead actress along with Pope. They had such amazing chemistry even with the lack of overly romantic scenes. Instead the subtlety of their romance made it so much more believable. The way they showed the love between Bella and her 'modern family' was a real tear jerker. I honestly could help but be drawn into the emotional scene. They just seemed so relatable and real to me. That's probably what really got me into this, the way all of the emotions seemed to be authentic in their own way. 

As with all dramas Bhuppahae Sanniwat started off slowly, but you'll definitely be drawn in by the main character's innocent mischief and how forgiving she was despite being treated so poorly by everyone around her. I also loved the way the lakorn/drama actually shared a lot about the history of Thailand. It wasn't just a generic romance drama and the main character was interested in so much more than finding love throughout the entire series. If I had to rate Bhupphae Sanniwat, I would give it an 8.5/10, simply because I prefer a bit more action and excitement. Bhupphae Sanniwat is definitely worth the watch.

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