4 K-pop groups to get your Kpop journey started

I absolutely love k-pop! It's a genre of music that started to appeal to me when I began to get bored of mainstream music artists. You know what I mean, same old sound, same old 'trendy' bops. It was a slow start for me with K-pop because the people around me don't typically pay attention to the foreign music scene. Seriously, I always get comments like "You don't understand Korean, so why are you listening?"

"Um...because I like it?"

I honestly think that K-pop music is fun and creative, every group has their own style and I have become even more addicted to the music scene coming out of Korea.

As a matter of fact the K-pop industry has grown so much over the years that you probably have been exposed to it through movies and commercials. If you've watched Star Wars: The force awakens, then you have probably heard the song Light Saber, by a popular K-pop group called EXO. You've also probably heard of PSY, who sang Gangnam Style.  If none of this is clicking then you must've heard about the new trend in the USA, BTS. I mean who hasn't?? They've been all over US entertainment shows and active at music award shows. If you are interested in learning more you should definitely take the time to watch the performances by these 4 K-pop groups!

Pristin V

Got 7



These four are just a few of the K-pop groups that I think are great, but I chose them because they each have distinct qualities that makes them appealing and allows them to stand out from other groups. Make sure to check out their pages on YouTube, You might just find something that you love!

Stay tuned for more K-pop suggestions. Until next time...


  1. What a fun post!! I've kind of always wanted to get into the k-pop thing, so I'm going to give these a listen right away. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I don't know much about K-Pop but I know it's super catchy and enjoyable to listen to! Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Text limit took the cake pop. But having yet listened to any of the songs.


  4. Wow. I’ve never heard of any of these groups. Im always looking for something new to workout to. I’m going to have to give them a listen! Need some new beats!