6 fat burning foods that you probably have in your kitchen.

6 fat burning foods that you probably have in your kitchen

Personally, I have never really been someone that has been concerned with calorie intake, nor have I ever believed in 'diets' as a solution for weight control. Unless, you are looking for a temporary fix to your weight problems. If you are going to diet, then you will probably always be on a diet. After all, what is the point if you are simply going to return to the same bad habits that you started off with?

Instead of immediately turning to dieting, you should consider some of the food that you probably have sitting around your kitchen, that are natural fat burners. Of course in my case, I grew up in the islands of The Bahamas and there are several fat burners that were considered every day necessities in my kitchen. Although, I freely admit that I definitely never considered their benefits while I was growing up.


1. Berries

Berries are easy to get even if you don't already have them in your kitchen. In fact, most grocery stores sell fresh berries daily. Berries are not necessarily fat burners but they are high in water and they help to reduce cravings. Basically, they will keep you full longer with less calories.


2.Whole Grains & Oats

Food items in this category like quinoa, brown rice and oats are high in carbs. This means that they can be broken down into glucose, which is then converted to energy that boosts your metabolism. It also decreases your cravings because your body considers it to be fuel. I did some research and found out that the body will burn twice the calories while breaking down food that is high in fiber.

hot peppers

3. Hot Peppers

Whether you like spices or not, this is a food item that can increase the body's ability to burn fats and replace them with energy, which in turn promotes a faster metabolism. The great thing about this is that you don't need to worry about how to prepare them. They can be eaten in any form with the same general results.

Green Tea

4. Green Tea

It's 2018, so you have probably already heard of the wonders of green tea/matcha tea. Fresh green tea does in fact promote fat burning, however, if you are looking for amazing results then move on, because this is not the solution you are looking for. Green tea only burns a small amount of fat over time and also helps to lower your cholesterol levels. Regardless of everything, green tea does have quite a few additional health benefits, so definitely give it a try at some point.


5. Beans and Legumes

Beans are a food product that I think every Caribbean household has stocked. It's high in proteins that not only burns fat but also builds muscles. On average 1 cup of beans is equal to 35% of the daily required iron.


6. Grapefruit

Some people may find grapefruit to be a bit bitter, but I grew up eating sliced pink grapefruit for breakfast on a regular basis.  Due to it's high fiber, grapefruit can regulate blood sugar, by slowing down the break down of sugar which results in a reduction of blood sugar spiking. It also stabilizes appetites.

If you haven't realized it by now, a lot of weight issues result from high consumption and as a result you should eat foods that can satiate your appetite or reduce your cravings. It's also very likely that you have these fat burning foods in your kitchen. Keep in mind that I am not a doctor or a specialist in this field. I simply decided to look into some of the foods that I have been exposed to while growing up. For more detailed information you should definitely consult a health care professional or nutritionist though.

Leave your thoughts down below. Until next time.


  1. I'm off to the store to get some green tea and beans...

  2. I love hot peppers!Gonna eat them even more;)

  3. Such an healthy list! I love Berries and Whole Grain a lot.

  4. High five! I do not believe in 'diets' too. I love food! I usually maintain my weight by exercising and green tea (proven and tested). Thank you for all these information!

  5. I really need to work a bit more hard on taking in better carbs like quinoa, brown rice and oats. For me sugar is the greatest enemy, have started to make munch on berries and dry fruits when sugar craving kicks in. Great guide !

  6. This is such an insightful post! I have a ton of green tea in my kitchen, so it's definitely time to bust it out!

  7. Beautiful photos! Perfect timing for summer with the berries and grapefruit :)

  8. Woop I eat oats and drink green tea almost every day. They taste great, good for you and burn fat. Nice!