Summer Netflix Favorites

So it's summer now and it's the perfect time to binge some new shows on Netflix. For me, this is one of the best ways to wind down after a long day, especially if i'm not already curled up with a good book.  Recently though, I have been using Netflix a lot more often, so I decided to share some of my binge worthy favorites this month.

  1. The 100

    If you're into near apocalyptic, survival shows (minus the zombies), then you will probably like this series. In a nutshell, it focuses on 100 teenagers who unwillingly are sent to Earth years after it's destruction. Their mission is to determine whether the Earth can be inhabited again. There's just one problem, they are not alone.

  2. Quantico

    So Quantico was a complete surprise for me! I honestly can't say that I thought it was interesting, just based on the description, but I still ended up watching it and I am so happy I did! It's basically about an FBI agent that was framed for a terrorist attack. Simple enough right? I thought so too, but the build up is what hooked me on this series. It was so good that I literally binge watched the first season all night long. Now I'm on season two and I can honestly say I'm still drawn in.
  3. When calls the heart

    This is for those of you that are fond of classics like Anne of Green Gables. It's a hidden gem that is set in the 1900's and is about a high society woman that decides to leave all of her wealth behind and become an ordinary school teacher in a small town. I love this series because its a sweet build up of drama in every episode. It's a great show with a strong female lead and a splash of romance.

These three series are great shows to pass the time, especially for me since I usually prefer to watch foreign dramas (American TV has become way too stereotypical for my taste). So I am usually far more familiar with series that you can't normally find on TV. You know... the ones that require subtitles. Anyway I'm a sucker for shows with a nice build up, so give these 3 a try sometime. You might be surprised.

Until next time...
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