Teachers are not the reason your kids are failing!

Teachers are human

Parents, I know this may be hard to believe but, teachers can not work miracles. Despite, your misguided opinions on what teachers should be able to do for your kids, there is only so much that they are actually able to do alone.

Don't get me wrong a lot of you are amazing at what you do! Although, some of you may know what I'm talking about when it comes to those part time parents, who don't take responsibility. You know the ones I'm talking about. Nonexistent until it's time to play the blame game.

Personally, I've seen some parents completely flip out and place the blame on teachers because their kids are failing or because their kid hasn't shown up to class in weeks.

How is that even fair?

We are at a point where parents are able to easily access their kids grades and see their attendance records and yet the only person at fault is the teacher? A teacher's job is to teach your children, not to keep track of their every move. If they aren't in class they mark them absent and move on to teach the children that actually show up. It's only fair to the children that are there, right?

I have also seen situations in which the parents reached out to the teacher at the END of the school year to see if they could make up the work. This is typically long after teachers have already gone above and beyond to speak to parents about their kids, only to be ignored and disregarded because the parents are too busy or simply can't be bothered until it's too late. It's funny because this issue is something that is happening in both the Caribbean and in America. I mean seriously, why wait until the end of a school year to pressure these poor teachers?

Yes, there are definitely some horrible teachers out there. Let's face it we have all had a teacher that did absolutely nothing or was unfair overall, but most teachers are devoted and work nonstop, all year long. Think about it. Not only are they underpaid, quite of few of them use what little they do earn to purchase supplies and materials for their classes.

A few of my aunts and close friends are teachers and I have watched them work all day long only to go home and continue working. For those of you who are unaware and think that teachers are able to go home and relax, think again. They often spend their spare time grading papers, creating lesson plans and reaching out to parents of kids who are not doing so well.

Being a teacher is by far one of the hardest and most under appreciated careers, so stop giving them flak. No matter how hard these teachers work, your kids won't pass their classes without hard work of their own and some effort on your part. Trust me, most teachers are not the reason your kids are failing.

I know this may sound like I'm preaching to the choir but...

Do yourself a favor and don't blame these teachers when your kids fail with out any proof. Instead, you should try working with those teachers to find a solution. If they contact you out of concern for your kids, don't disregard it, pay attention. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask the teachers for help either. As stated earlier, a lot of schools now allow parents to keep track of their kids' progress.  Don't wait until it's too late to be a supportive and active parent. It is your children's responsibility to do the work and study, but as parents it's on you to be aware and involved in their lives. You and the teachers are simply responsible for guiding them and molding them in the best way possible.

Long story short, stop blaming teachers for failing students.

Things you should stop doing

  • Stop blaming teachers for consistent absences.
  • Stop waiting until the end of the year to attempt to fix the issue. If anything make sure you reach out and stop the problem before it becomes too big.

Things you should do

  • Make sure you answer those emails and phone calls the teachers send.
  • Definitely make sure to follow up with your children when it comes to assignments and homework. 

Don't ever be afraid to ask the people responsible for your kids questions or to ask how you can help your kids to improve.

That's all for now. Until next time...

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