Crazy, Crazy May


I can’t just be doing one thing. My brain is constantly going in more than one direction. So I am usually doing two things at once. It used to be music, I would sing and listen to music and memorize lyrics while studying or sewing. Now it’s documentaries, books, and podcasts. If you haven’t gotten hooked on podcasts, it is a glorious rabbit hole of ideas and story tellers. I can’t get enough. I have a big ol’ weakness for true crime and current events. I finished THREE quilts this month, with another needing to be bound and one more quilt top. Granted, the work started in April, but that is still a crazy amount of work, and TONS of listening time. For those of you who are stuck with the same kind of brain, allow me to give you some recommendations!
  • Serial – This is such a big podcast that you’ve probably already heard it if you listen to them at all. Adnan Syed has been granted a new trial, so I re listened to the whole first series and was hooked all over again. I really wanted to know what Deirdre Enright and her team had found after taking on his case. Which lead me to…
  • Undisclosed – It gets down and into the weeds about the case in the first season. So many hours of details about the case. It also did not mention what happened with Deirdre’s team, despite covering in such great detail. I’m at the end of the second season now, and the Joey Watkins case is fascinating and heartbreaking.
  • True Crime Obsessed – When you love reading and investigating the worst of humanity, a little humor is often called for. Gillian and Patrick review a true crime documentary in every episode and they find humor in even the darkest of topics. They are covering the season one Serial episodes on their patreon right now, and they are amazing. Gillian does not have time for Sarah Koenig’s Adnan pineing.
  • My So-Called-Podcast – I love TCO so much that when Gillian and Patrick decided to do a episode by episode review series on the 90’s nostalgia trap, I was so there.
  • Today, Explained – The highlights of today’s news cycle with occasionally silly songs.
I kind of love a lot of the Vox and NPR podcasts, so I won’t go over those. I will add that “Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” is amazing.
This is not what you’re here for though, yeah? Hopefully my quilting journey from tenacious beginner to competent quilter inspires you to join me in modernizing and maintaining this totally awesome hobby.

So what do we have here? We started with two baby quilts. Then I made a blanket for my son’s teacher that had all of the kids names (in their own handwriting) on a tree. I loved the back so much that I wrapped it with the back side out. I’m in love with Alison Glass patterns, and Violet Craft too. So next is the start of my Cathedral (by Alison Glass) pillows. The last is Atomic Starburst by Violet Craft. I’m so excited that it is up at The Creation Station in Buellton, CA!
With that, I’m taking a little break. I’ve got some plans for the rest of the year but my hands and back need a short break before I go crazy again.

Interested in more quilting pieces and podcasts? Find more on Sara Perona's blog Sew Nerdy.

Until next time...

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