4 Must try subscription boxes

Subscription boxes are an ongoing trend that has been growing rapidly over the years, especially among millennials. Let's face it, there seems to be a subscription box for everything these days.

What is a Subscription Box?

Typically subscription boxes are paid subscriptions for a set amount of products or goodies that are delivered to your door every month. In addition, depending on the themes of the box, the items you receive are a complete mystery until the box is actually delivered to you.

Why are they so popular?

One word. Convenience.

Not only are subscription boxes affordable, even for people on a budget, they also eliminate the immediate need to travel to purchase items, especially if you are an indecisive person and simply just want to try something new with out the hassle. The greatest thing about subscription boxes is the lack of commitment. You can cancel your subscriptions at anytime!

Anyway I thought it would be fun to share a few subscription boxes that are on my personal must try list!


If you are interested in Korean snacks or just snacks in general then Snackfever is an absolute must! It's actually one of my favorite subscriptions plans to date, because I love to eat and to experiment with new food that I can't find locally. Snackfever also tends to throw in some fun goodies that are usually kpop themed as well. Since this is a plan that I have already tried out myself, I have already written about this before, so if you are interested in a more detailed descriptions check out my post about Korean snacks the right way!


This is one that I have been dying to try out myself as a confirmed bookworm! If you are an avid reader like I am then this is the box for you. Owlcrate it all about the latest YA novels. Every month you will receive a newly released book to read and a few fun additions, like tea and bookmark that go along with the monthly theme. Just imagine being able to explore all those books with out having to shift through a stack to find one good one.


There are quite a few subscription plans that are based on beauty products but what I like about Boxy charm is that unlike other subscriptions, they offer full sized products instead of samples. Maybe it's just me but, I love being able to try something out fore a decent period of time before I decide whether or not I like it. Trust me, a total plus for Boxycharm. Every month they send you 4 to 5 products which includes tools, skin care items and more. It's great for people like me that really don't have the time to search for products.

Bark Box

Do you have a dog? Yes? Then perfect! Bark box is a monthly subscription of goodies and treats for your four legged friend. Not only do you receive snacks, but they also include toys that your dogs can go crazy over. I don't actually have a dog at the moment but I have been looking into adopting and as such I thought about where to get supplies because I rarely see items that I would want to purchase for my dog once I have one. I definitely plan to review this box later on but I did a little research and found out that this company allows you to return and exchange items from your box if your dog does not like it. Sounds like a deal right?

Overall subscription boxes are a fun alternative for people looking to try out new things with out the hassle of trying to pick and choose which products are better. I'm not saying you will like everything you receive in a subscription box but that is the fun part of it all isn't it?

Have you every subscribed to subscription boxes? If so which ones? Leave a comment below.

Until next time.

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