Find your bedroom confidence!


Everyone feels insecure in bed from time to time...

...and I’m NOT just talking about questioning your size, or worrying about not getting a hard on.

After all, sex can make even the most confident person feel vulnerable and exposed.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re sleeping with the girl for the first time, or getting intimate with a long-time lover…sex is almost ALWAYS nerve-wrecking!

I mean, you have so many things to worry about…

Does your body look okay that day?… Will you be able to satisfy?…Is she bored?…Will you live up to their expectations? Do I do the same thing or change it up? Or better yet ... How do I get her to give me an amazing blowjob?

Don’t worry, these thoughts are normal, at least for most guys.

Lack of confidence is also the number 1 cause of bad sex…and perhaps the BIGGEST turn off for any woman of any age because when a girl sees you doubting your body or your performance…she’ll end up doubting you too.

But, if you ACT like a rock star — bold, self-assured, fearless, and in control… I didn’t say be a dick ...

She won’t have any reason to look for flaws or short-comings.

In fact, whatever you do lack — like if you don’t have the ‘perfect’ body, or if you don’t know a lot of ‘advanced’ sex techniques (which shame on you for not knowing) she probably won’t even notice…as long as you give the ILLUSION of confidence.

Seriously — if you just act like you’re God’s gift to women’…she’ll believe you really are.

And more importantly, if you get in the habit of acting like you’re 'The Man'…after a while YOU'LL start to believe it too! That doesn't me be a self-absorbed asshole or a jerk.

When sexual confidence becomes second nature…sex will feel easy, relaxing, and just plain more FUN every time you are intimate.

Of course, 'feeling confident’ is easier said than done…

So here are 3 easy tricks for getting into the mindset of a sexual HOT SHOT…

And they’re GUARANTEED to help kick those nagging insecurities out of your sex life!

Intimate Couple


Make a mental list all the BAD things that could happen…and then find something positive about each one!

Here are some examples…

“She won’t like the way I look naked” becomes:

“Women are insecure about their bodies too — even more so than men. So when she sees my flaws, she won’t feel as embarrassed about her flaws…and that will make her loosen up and unleash her WILD side…

…which is going to make for some AMAZING sex!”

“I might not get hard”( not sure why this should be a problem but for those with less than others) becomes:

“If I don’t get hard, it’ll give me a chance to show her how great I am at foreplay, which she’d never let me do if I had a raging boner!”

“I won’t make her orgasm” becomes:

That’s a perfect opportunity to show her I’m the most attentive lover she’s ever had…Because when I ask her exactly what she needs me to do, she’ll be blown away by my commitment to her needs!”  Side Note: 90% of the time you don't need to ask her permission to pleasure her ... Just do it and watch her reaction.

You can do this with literally ANY negative scenario you think of…and it’ll help you to quickly conquer your fears!


What is ‘reality’ anyway? There is no way to define it, because everyone's reality is DIFFERENT and at the end of the day, your reality depends on YOUR perception of the world around you.

That means you can actually CHOOSE what you want your reality to be — after all, if no 2 person’s reality is ever same anyway…why not?

So, let’s say you’re worried about not being as good in bed as other guys your girl has been with...

Well, in your new reality: All of her exes were PATHETIC in bed! They were just practice till she met you!

Even if she’s TOLD you that she’s been with some very skilled lovers…

In your new reality: She’s just saying that to make you riled up…because she’s scared of losing the BEST lover she’s ever had (you!).

Or if you’re self-conscious about some part of your body…

In your new reality: That’s the part of your body that turns her on the MOST…in fact, she has a fetish for your ______ (spare tire, hairy chest, short stature, or anything else you’re insecure about!).

It sounds stupid at first I know but if you practice thinking about things the way you WANT them to be — instead of focusing on what they might be in another person's 'reality'...

Eventually, your perspective will permanently shift…

And soon the reality you want, will become the reality to actually live in...and that's a reality in which you're always THE MAN!


At the end of the day, sex is about one thing and one thing only…PLEASURE!

And yes, it’s about her pleasure as much as it is your pleasure — but keep in mind:

She won’t be able to enjoy the experience, if she knows you’re not fully enjoying it too...

Because great sex is an EXCHANGE of positive energy.

If you’re too busy worrying about the mechanics of getting her off or you can't relax and be present (because your thoughts are consumed by insecurities or self-doubt)…

She’ll KNOW you’re not getting much pleasure out of the experience because you'll be transferring your negative thoughts and anxiety to your partner, INSTEAD of the positive energy she/he needs.

When that happens, none of the intimate techniques you use will matter one bit — she will NOT get off.

Something you need to understand as a guy, is that girls, no matter how innocent, can smell doubt and timidness way before you start trying to please her.

So the best thing you can do in bed is to clear your mind…and just focus on all the wonderful sensations around you!

The sight of her body…the erotic smell of her arousal…the feel of her body pressed tightly against yours…

Concentrate on how good it feels to be doing what you’re doing…WHILE you’re doing it.

And DON’T think about anything that’s in the past — or hasn’t yet happened.

Basically…just relax and enjoy YOURSELF;)

And that’s it — believe it or not, bedroom confidence all depends on these 3 simple rules!

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