Impress your lady in the bedroom

Fellas you probably think I'm joking but I know this from personal experience, your girl will love you if you just do this one thing right.

Your girlfriend will honestly tell you she didn't even know when her underwear came off.

She'll beg you for more, you'll give her mind blowing orgasms, and best of all she'll be completely ADDICTED to you!

I'm talking about "going down" on her of course!

Foreplay is everything!!! Did I mention that it's EVERYTHING! Don't even think about taking off her underwear just follow along because there's a 70% chance that if you're doing what I do then she'll take them off herself.
There are a few things you need to do and don't worry no toys, lube, or any other silly sex gimmicks.

All you need are :
  1. Your hands/fingers
  2. Lips
  3. And most importantly the star ... Your tongue!

You be using all three at the same time and it'll drive her crazy


Every touch as you rub your fingers down her soft delicate skin should be passionate. Pay close attention to each reaction as you explore every inch of her body especially the moans.

A woman's moan isn't just a sign that she's aroused by what she's experiencing, or a random sex noise that guys just so happen to like/love, it also lets you know what your doing right and where and how she likes to be touched. (Take some mental notes for later so you know exactly how to turn her on)

What you're aiming for is to get her body and mind ready to orgasm so PAY ATTENTION!


Every kiss on her lips shouldn't be the same ... Mix it up a bit ... bite her bottom lip gently and give a slight tug while still caressing each of her curves, work your way down her neck then slowly up to her earlobe. That by itself is just one of the many crowning moments she'll remember.

The Tongue

While your using your hands and lips it's time to mix in your tongue.

Note, that there are only two ways to use your tongue on a girl ... Pointed or Flat. You just need to know where and how to use it or the magic of the moment will disappear.

Use a pointed tongue for small areas packed with nerve endings like the clit. Believe it or not the clit by itself has over 10,000 nerve endings and it's only purpose is for pleasure. Mind you it exposes itself the more the girl is aroused an even begins to throb as she excites

As you continue to work your way down her take the time to explore her abdomen ... You know the area dudes forget cause their in a rush. This is the area you can bite but, NO TEETH, you bite with your lips.

Work your way across her body especially to the left or right of her belly button this is a really sensitive and soft area so pay attention to her moans don't bite hard and don't be repetitive. Doing the same thing gets boring so keep the biting at a minimum unless she's into that.

The Most Important Area(s)

Now your past her hips gently kiss down to her thighs gripping the upper area along her hips remember your still massaging her body and at this point you can have a little fun.

Pinch her nipples slightly, cup and massage her breast while kissing the inner parts of her thigh do it on both sides, and remember take your time, build up her anticipation till she can't take it anymore.

Trust me you'll know ... Her body will shiver, her heartbeat will race, she'll rub her fingers through your hair and she'll have the sexiest voice you'll ever hear.

These are just a few thing letting you know where she's at physically and mentally.

With that being said ... work your way over and kiss her pelvic bone, her clit and work your way down with steaming hot passionate kisses, and remember take your time, you'll practically have her begging for your tongue to play with her.

It's not just her that wants you to do it ... Your mouth will be watering just thinking about tasting her.

Remember what I said earlier ... you probably won't be the one to take her underwear off.

The journey isn't over yet though ... The main event is about to start.

If she hasn't taken her underwear off yet don't stress more than likely she's forgotten that they're on. She's so caught up in the rush of endorphins, and the heat of the moment she's unaware of everything else ... She just wants you! (

Kiss her pelvic area an work your way around. Remember slow kisses maintain a rhythm and while that's happening use one or two fingers and slowly move her soaked panties to the side exposing her sexy lady parts.

Kiss her just like before ... Start with just above her clit and work your way around to her inner thigh and then to the bottom of her pussy.

This continues to build the anticipation and to be honest your teasing her at this point if her panties aren't off slowly pull them off while you kiss her and keep it up ... keep her guessing when your about to do that first lick.

When your ready get both your hands around her thighs and get her closer to you ...  once she's like this use your tongue and lick from the vaginal opening all the way up to her clit

In some cases that first lick can cause her to cum instantly (holy shit if you did this ... I'm proud)

Continue to lick use your tongue to expose her clit and surprise her with the most intense french kiss you can give her, using you tongue to massage her clit. Play with her clit in your mouth and your spit is the best lubricant right now cause your gonna use your fingers in a bit, but for now tongue and lips only!

One technique that will drive her crazy is the "ABC's" beginner stuff ... But even pros go to the basics at times

Pretty straight forward, you use your tongue like a point and slowly trace the alphabet out on her clit. Doing this makes sure that every part of her clit gets pleasured by your tongue.

Halfway through her moan are gonna get louder ... By the time you finish the first set and restart she'll be ready to cum.

Another technique and this is my personal favorite is using your fingers and tongue at the same time to give her a whole new intense sensation and orgasm

First off take it slow just as before, with your palm upward use One Finger to enter her, only up to the second digit of your finger and go upward so that you're touching the upper wall, do this while using your tongue to continue playing with her clit.

Now there's a specific area your searching for with that finger. You'll know it when you feel it cause its rougher than the rest of the area around it. (Congrats you've found her G-Spot) the g-spot is this amazing area in every girl that when pleasured using a "come here motion" will send shivers through her entire body. That combined with the clitoral stimulation using your tongue she'll have a very intense orgasm probably one that she's never felt before.

Mind you women can have 5 different types or orgasm's

Clitoral: stimulation of the clit using fingers, tongue, toys, etc.

G-Spot: pleasuring the g-spot area through fingering, or toys.

Deep Spot: only can be done using your penis or certain toys

Multi-Orgasm: multiple short orgasms that extend throughout the entire body

Squirting Orgasm: the pinnacle of all female orgasms and the most intense one she can have.

Each orgasm is different and has different levels of intensity so enjoy

Your girlfriend is gonna love you and you're probably gonna lie and say you knew this from the start.

Author: M Brown

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