Miracle Got7 MV Review

Hey there! For Blogmas day 3 I thought I would share a new song that I am absolutely in love with! Miracle is a new Christmas song released by the K-pop group Got7. If you don't already know this, Got7 just so happens to be my favorite Korean group, so I definitely might be a tad bit biased. Since I love this group so much I decided it would be fun to review this song! Don't worry for those of you who don't understand Korean, the video above includes subtitles.

I know it may be a bit dorky, but I love Christmas music and I have been waiting for a new Christmas song that I could fall in love with, it just so happens that this one is also a K-pop song. Miracle starts off with a beautiful piano intro that caught my attention right away and then opens up into a light melody, something I can appreciate because it is similar to the introduction of a lot of my favorite Christmas movies.  Light and happy.

However, as light as it seems, if you watch the video, the story they are telling seems to be quite sad. The actress starring in this MV appears to be sick and unable to do the things that most kids would be able to do. At first I was slight confused since it is a Christmas themed song, but I ended up watching straight though to the end. Although the actual video is sad, it still has a light and somewhat happy feel to it.

Overall I feel as though the song has a slight R&B feeling to it. I absolutely adore the harmonies, and the subtlety of it all. If there was anything I could compare it to I would had to say Boys 2 Men. They have a similar sound in their music that just makes me stop and listen. I even fully enjoyed the rap, which was better than usual for this group. In addition to this, both the story and the cinematography in the video are amazing. It's easy to understand the story even without the subtitles. The only truly confusing part of the video is the ending. I can't really tell if this ended in a subtle character death or if the main actress, who is adorable by the way, is simply sleeping. Honestly, I would love some clarification to soothe my poor heart. For a group that typically creates happy and upbeat music, this is an interesting change and I think it worked well for them. If I had to rate this, I would give it a solid 8.5/10, it's a beautiful song and it evokes and emotional response. The ending is like a cliffhanger for a popular TV series that just keeps you wondering what will happen next. Needless to say, this song has made it to the top of my personal Christmas track list, along with all the classics!

Let me know how you feel down below. Happy Holidays! Until next time

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