January Book Favorites

If you didn't already know this. I love to read! Typically I read a lot of romance, fantasy and paranormal genre books. In fact, reading is probably my favorite hobby. There is nothing I love more than curling up under a blanket and getting lost in a good story. I've always been the one that my friends go to for book suggestions, so I thought I would share a few of my favorites for January with all of you.

5 Must Read Books for January

The Black Witch - Laurie Forest

As the grand daughter of the original black witch, Elloren Gardner is considered quite the disappointment. Although she is the splitting image of her grandmother, she is powerless. However that doesn't stop her, she dreams of opening her own apothecary, so that she can step out of her grand mother's shadow. She ends up joining her brothers at the Prestigious Verpax University, only to discover that all races are able to attend, including those races that scorn her family and would love nothing more than to see her suffer. The longer she stays at Verpax, the more she begins to understand the people around her and see them in a different light. Eventually, she uncovers the dark forces plotting around her and discovers that maybe, she is not so powerless after all.

A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness

This is a book that my brother had me read. If you are into the stories that are filled with historical information, then this is definitely for you. A discovery of witches focuses on Diana Bishop a young scholar, who is also by birthright, a witch. Although, she really doesn't want to be because, she associates her heritage with her family tragedy. However, she can no longer ignore her talents after she discovers Ashmole 782, which hides secrets that most of the supernatural world wants to get their hands on. Along with Matthew Clairmont, a Vampire Scientist she has to figure out a way to discover the secrets behind the Ashmole before she loses her life.

Marked by Dragon's Blood - N.M Howell

N.M Howell's Book is one I wasn't even looking for but, I am quite glad I discovered it.  Andie Rogers is quite an interesting character to follow. After witnessing her dragon born mother being taken away. She finds herself forced to attend a magical university in order to learn how to control the magic that she inherited from her mother. However, in addition to worrying about the sick father she left at home, she must also safely search for clues about what happened to all the dragon born people, while hiding the fact that she, herself is also dragon born. It's a dangerous game but, she's determined to learn the truth.

Bewitching - Julie Barnett

This is an odd regency era story. Don't get me wrong I still enjoyed it very much. However, it is a regency era romance, with a bit of paranormal thrown in for fun. To get to the gist of things, this story is about Alec Castlemaine, who is the uptight Duke of Belmore. He is someone who lives a strict and for lack of a better word 'perfect' life. At least until he is jilted by the woman who he thought he would marry. Unable and unwilling to deal with the rumors that would tarnish his spotless reputation, he quickly marries Joy Mcquarrie, a Scottish girl that he accidentally met on his travels. The only problem is when he finds out that the girl he married also happens to be a witch. It just might be a bit more than the straitlaced Duke can handle.

Captured by the Pirate Laird - Amy Jarecki

Some of my favorite kinds of books are historical romances, especially ones that involve Scottish Lairds. This book in particular is a bit of a twist on that though, since it is quite rare to read about lairds that also double as Pirates. Despite the interesting plot twist, this was still a very good read in my opinion. Amy Jarecki revolves her story around Lady Anne, a young woman that was wed by proxy to a man old enough to be her grandfather and whom she can't seem to recall ever meeting. However, while she is traveling to finally meet her 'husband', her ship is over taken by pirates, she is accidentally abandoned by the ship's crew and finds herself alone with Laird MacLeod and his loyal followers, who plan to ransom her to her husband. At first she is afraid and led by prejudice against the Scotsmen,  but soon she learns how wrong she was and begins to genuinely understand them and their handsome Laird.

All of these books are available on Amazon and I also tried to include a few that are currently free. Feel free to let me know what you think down below in the comments. Until Next time...

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