3 TV Shows to Watch This Season

I have a confession, I don't tend to watch TV much. I usually just stream anything that I am particularly interested in (that's right, I like to binge) but, there are times when I learn about hidden gems that are being aired and I can't help but go out of my way to watch. It definitely feels like I hit the visual jackpot with TV shows this season though, so I am sharing a few of the TV shows that I have been watching lately.

The Passage

The Passage is about a government experiment gone wrong when they manage to turn a group of death row inmates into contagious vampires. Sounds simple enough right? Well it is, at least until the government decides to fix the problem they made by throwing the fate of the world onto the shoulders of a little girl.

Although this show is only a few episodes in, I can already tell you that this is one of my favorites shows of the season. So far there hasn't been much in terms of action scenes, but the background stories behind each character is intriguing. I enjoy that they are showing how each individual of the main cast ended up where they are. In fact, it almost makes me sympathize with the villains a bit; and question whether they are really bad, or simply victims of cause and effect.  That being said the little Heroine, played by actress Saniyya Sidney, has quickly become a favorite character. I love her little quirky attitude and the fact that she is intelligent and not afraid to show it. Although her character can be a bit distant because of the issues life has brought her, the way she forms connections to the people that gain her trust makes me love this character more.

Overall, the primary driving force behind most of the decisions in the show seems to be guilt. I would love to see some genuine sense of right and wrong though, but with only 6 episodes aired so far I would still rate The Passage a 8/10. The character development is great, not one member of the cast just started off evil. They all had their own stories.

Deadly Class

Okay, so the Syfy Network is really improving their game plan. I learned not to doubt them after they came out The Magicians, which was definitely a must watch at the time. Anyway, Deadly Class is definitely a fun show to watch. It is based on a comic series and features a Teenage boy who is enrolled into an elite school with the children from the deadliest crime families, aka the mob, the yakuza etc.

Again, this show is a few episodes in and the main character has that stereotypical awkwardness that seems to follow most American 'heroes'. While I personally would like to see a different kind of character, I'm definitely not going to knock it for following the comics. I do love how the main character is enrolled into the school because of a mass murder that everyone thought he committed, and yet the other students still treat him like dirt and without fear despite the fact that none of them have committed any deadly crimes themselves.

This show is a solid 7/10 in my opinion, because I love how the characters all have that teenage mentality and are uninhibited by basic laws and rules while someone still maintaining some kind of moral compass.


I must have a thing for broody characters because this spin off from the The Originals, follows 17 year old Hope Mikaelson. That's right, the infamous tribrid child of Klaus Mikaelson and Haley Marshall. In this show, Hope is attending Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, basically young supernaturals. The story takes a twist from the typical highschool drama, when supernatural beings that shouldn't exist begin disturbing the factions of weres, vamps and witches at the school; in order to retrieve ancient items that are someone in the school's possession. It's up to Hope and her small group of friends to stop them from fulfilling their plans.

I have to admit I was doubtful about a show that was a spin-off to a show that was also a spin-off from another show. I mean how many spin-offs can one creator make right? It honestly just seemed like this supernatural universe was growing far too large. However, so far I am actually enjoying it. It's definitely not as in depth as The Originals, but I do love that something happens in every episode and that their are some serious emotional conflicts involved. It's not just a basic 1 dimensional tv show.

If I had to rate this show I would definitely rate a 7.5/10. I enjoyed the way that they can sometimes take 'serious' situations and throw in a splash of humor and that they kept in mind that the characters are teens so they would naturally also focus on the issues that teenagers often encounter during that time in their lives.

Have you watched any of these shows yet? I would love to know your thoughts. Leave a comment down below. Until next time...

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