7 Cute Casual Outfits To Try This Month

I am definitely not the type that spends hours picking out an outfit to wear. That being said, I love a casual outfit that I can just throw on and still look cute in. I am simply someone that enjoys a convenient and fun wardrobe. As a result I decided to pick out several outfits that are cute and casual to try this month.

Anlay- Pinstriped Off Shoulder Blouse

I don't know about you but I love this outfit! It's a great casual look, with a slight edge. Dress it up or down, it doesn't really matter. What I really love is that fact that this is a loose top, but it still has a sexy appeal. Oh and did I mention the pinstripes? Some people like polka dots, I like pinstripes. 

Sienne Cutout Neckline Blouse

Loose tops are super comfortable, which is a bonus for this one. It may be a simple look but I personally like the color blocking as well as the neckline on this shirt. It simply takes it one step beyond the average T-shirt.

Elbow sleeved stripped t-shirt and jumper pants

Jumpers are an easy look to pull off, while remaining comfortable and fun at the same time. I love that this set comes with a striped shirt (Did I mention I love stripes? Yes?) It's made even cuter by the cropped pant legs. I would probably throw in a colored accessory, to give it a pop.

Rocho Striped V-Neck Blouse

It doesn't matter what kind of weather there is, I will always lean towards a long sleeved top. I absolutely love this look, especially because of the puffy sleeves. It's casual, and yet unique at the same time. I am definitely enjoying the appearance of the V-neck as well.

Lucuna Off- Shoulder Cropped Long Sleeved Shirred Top

Everyone needs a crop top right? To be honest lately crop tops like these have been super popular. I would definitely wear these with a pair or waist high jeans, or a nice pair or shorts on the beach.

Piwonia Sleeveless Plaid Spaghetti-strap Dress
Oh so plaid. I'm usually not a plaid fan, but I can't help but adore this plaid dress. I love things that are different so this is right up my ally. Personally, I think i would wear it like the model. Such a nice look for a normal day out with friends. 

Embroided Asymmetric Pullover Dress w/ Sash

There are no words for this. I simply like little black dresses. The embroidery is a really nice touch to an otherwise, simple black dress. 

Overall, I think these are all really nice causal looks, that would be comfortable to wear most days. Did you see any that are your style? Let me know in the comments.

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