5 things I wish I knew before adopting kittens.

sleeping kitten

If you are like me and you love animals, then you have probably thought about adopting one or two of your own. It’s always a great idea to add a pet or two to your family. I did and I don’t regret it. There are just some things I wish I knew before I adopted my kittens so I could have prepared myself and my home for the new comers. 
  1. Marking and spraying

    The first thing you should do when you adopt a kitten is to train them on how to use the litter box otherwise you will have cat pee and poop in strange places. Tip: Place your kitten in the litter box and use two fingers to dig through the litter just so your kitten can learn what to do. They naturally dig to cover their messes so this shouldn’t take too long. My kittens were trained a bit before I got them, but they still needed to be reminded how to use the litter box.  
  2. Teething

    This might just be your worst nightmare. Young kittens tend to enjoy chewing on any and everything is they are teething. This can be really dangerous and frustrating, especially if you are a person that is into tech. Kittens seem to really love biting through cords and wires of all shapes and forms. You have to be really careful about this because you don't want them to be electrocuted or to swallow something dangerous. The best way around this is to coat your wires and cords with bitter spray. Cats don't like sour or bitter tastes, so they will eventually learn to stop biting cords. You can also purchase a tube to cover all your wires. This wasn't a viable option for me since I have so many devices, but it may work out for you.  
  3. Entertainment

    Your kittens are naturally curious creatures. They will figure out a way to get into everything, including all the little hiding spaces in your home. It's normal for them, but you should probably purchase enough toys to entertain your kitten, just so it's easier to keep an eye on them.

    You will definitely want to purchase a mixture of toys for them to play with since every cat likes different things. I also like to entertain my pets by playing pet game videos on YouTube.

    Naughty Kitten
    My kitten Mocha is mischievous and got caught playing with the water bottles.

  4. Attention

    Your kitten will demand attention. Kittens typically do not like being alone so be aware that they will cry for attention. They don't always want to be petted, but they will often try to cuddle with you or get you to play with them. They are essentially just like children.
  5. Feeding

    This is something that is rather simple. Try out different brands to figure out which your kitten enjoys more. Also try not to switch between wet and dry food. It does not sit well in their little stomachs, but if you do intend to switch between the two, try slowly introducing the new food into the old food, so that your kitten can adapt to it, before you make the big switch.
    Their favorite meal!
To be honest having pets is a lot like having children. They just want lots of love and attention from you. It's a lot of trial and error, but eventually you will get the hang of raising your fur babies. Do you have fur babies too? Tell us about your fur baby mishaps and successes down below in the comment section!

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