How to find high quality photos for free

Photo Camera

As a blogger and content creator I don't always have the photo content on hand to make my posts look amazing and I don't actually have the personal funds to purchase photos. It's definitely hard when you are just starting out and want to have a certain kind of look for your blog. If your an Ad design student like me having quality photo's is a must! Fortunately, I was able to find ways to access great content without ever having to spend a single cent or sign up for any memberships on stock sites. I personally think it's a great thing to share resources with others so I'm going to give you two of my go to methods for finding quality photos.

I love using because it is a conglomerate of photos from various stock sites. Basically, you'll have access to photo content from different stock photo companies all in one place. You will have photos from sites like Pixabay and Unsplash. All you have to do is search for the kind of photo that you want.


  • Photos from different sites all in one place.
  • Easy and quick downloads.
  • No limit on how many photos you can download.
  • Most photo content comes in various sizes for your convenience.
  • Not just photo content. You have access to vectors, mock-ups, fonts and icons.


  • These photos are free for the most part, which means that sometimes you won't be able to find the exact type of content that you are looking for and the amount of images you have access to are limited.

Google Images

Now that I have given you my favorite place for stock photos let's talk about how to find 'good' photo content using Google. I found that a lot of people don't really understand how to use the Google search options the right way and as a result they are missing out on some really cool content. Don't worry though. I'm going to show you how to use Google to find quality photos that you can 'legally' use.

First go to the Google image search bar and type in what you are looking for. You will obviously be shown tons of imagery, but not all of them can be legally used so we will need to alter our search preferences.
Next you will want to click on Tools which is located directly underneath the search bar.

Here is where we will alter all of our search options. For high quality photos you will want to adjust the size of the photos you are searching for. Click on the option for size and then select Larger than... You will want to select anything from 1024x764 and above because these will give you larger photos that are less likely to be blurry and pixelated.

 Finally you will want to click on Usage Rights. This will present you with several options to choose from which will adjust your search for photo content that you can legally use. In this case you can choose Labeled for Reuse or if you are handy with computers then you can also choose the option for labeled for reuse with modification. Which simply means that you can use the photo as long as you alter it in some way or form.

 Once you have set your search options you will be shown quality photo content that you can freely access for your personal use. The only real downfall to this is the fact that, the more specified your search is, the smaller you pool of choices becomes. Basically, sometimes you won't be able to find the content that you want based on your search.

The options for free photo content can be very limited, but these have always been really helpful for me when I needed to find good photos to use. Hopefully this helps you out as well. Do you have a favorite site to for free stock photos? Let me know down below!

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