Stop letting outsiders guide your relationship

Over the years I have learned a lot about relationships and how they can be twisted and morphed because of misunderstandings or just simply involving too many people in your relationship. Don't get me wrong, it's okay to talk to others about your issues when you have them. I mean it's only natural to want to let out all your problems. However, the real issue begins when you allow other people to control how you view certain situations.

Imagine if your significant other had a work with a coworker on a project or something else that required them to work long hours. In this situation they are constantly in contact with you while they are busy, but the longer it goes on the more uncomfortable you feel and rather than talking to your significant other about this you choose to talk to someone else about it. Again, this is completely fine, if they are genuinely offering your sound advice, but what about the ones that put negative thoughts in your head? The ones that will make you feel that your significant other is doing something like cheating? Picture this. You allow yourself to be manipulated and you make several wild accusations towards your S/O only to eventually find out that you were wrong. By then you've probably already damaged your relationship a lot and it will be very hard to bounce back.

I'm simply saying that in a relationship you should definitely try talking to your significant other a lot more to clear up any doubts. Also, you should not be involving yourself in conversations with others that make nasty or rude comments about your significant other or your relationship. Honestly, some people come from a good place when they react like that, but it's actually really difficult for anyone to weigh in on a topic when they only have one side of the story. On the flip side there are others who are simply only looking to create drama for their own amusement. They will stir up any negative emotions, just to make things awkward in your relationship.

Personally, I have experienced this on both ends of the field. I have even been the person to offer advice in some situations. Let's face it relationships are hard, but they are even harder when you have several people whispering in your ear.

At the end of the day, the only person making the choices about how you handle your relationship is you. Don't let outsiders and their opinions guide your relationship. Every action has a reaction. Give yourself and your significant other another a fighting chance. Talk about your concerns and doubts so that you both can grow and learn together.

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