What's the last book you read?

When I was younger I tended to read through my collection of books extremely fast, and my typical go to genre had always been romance. Heck, I burned through my books so fast that I would eventually go and secretly swipe one or two of my mom's favorite books. Often by popular author's like Zane. They were interesting reads, I'm honest, if not a bit too mature for me back then.

Now that I'm older though, my tastes have definitely changed a lot. While I do still enjoy a splash of romance every now and then, I now prefer my books with a lot more substance than your typical every day romantic affair. Now I have a tendency towards paranormal and fantasy laced books. I love reading about mythical creatures and characters with crazy abilities. It makes everything a little bit more fun and adds an element that I just can't help falling into.

These days I try to slow down my book intake, so that I can enjoy my stories a lot more. In fact, my most recent book was Children of Blood and Bones a popular YA series by Nigerian-American write Tomi Adeyemi.

It's an interesting fantasy novel, that follows Zelie Adebola, who is a young magi who is tired of being treated horribly by people because she was born differently. In a twist of strange events she, her brother and a princess set out on a mission to return magic to a world that had not seen magic in years.  I love the start of this series and I am definitely looking forward to the sequel and I really suggest reading it for yourselves.

For now though, I am curious about what everyone else is reading. Feel free to share the current book that you're reading down below!

Until next time!

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  1. The book I am coming back and back again since my childhood is Anne of Green Gables. Ever since I first read it I feel connected with it and reading it again and again brings back memories and a feeling of home.
    Just like you I have changed styles of what I like to read - but this one book it still gets me going for it every time :)