3 big challenges as a blogger

I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before, but blogging is not easy. As a matter of fact, even though I personally love to write and share my world with everyone, I still find blogging to be incredibly challenging for various reasons.

1. Money

First and foremost, blogging is a monetary investment. Personally, I am still a newbie to the blogging world and I simply do not have the funds to fully launch a professional blog as yet. There is just so much to be considered financially, like whether I want to pay for web hosting, photo content and the kind of equipment that would probably make running a blog a lot smoother, but it's simply outside of my budget at the moment. Don't let something like that stop you though! There are a few solutions to get around the financial issues in the short term.

2. Consistency

Anyone that works in digital media knows that consistency is a key factor in attracting and maintaining an audience and this has been a huge issue for me as a blogger. I honestly want to be a more consistent, but one of my challenges has been making time to actually write and post without letting life get in the way of my progress. It's a struggle, but we will all get there eventually. Just keep in mind that the more consistent you are with posting, the more likely it is that your audience will return and stick around for more.

3. Content

Knowing what kind of  content to post is a real challenge for me. I don't know about you but knowing the difference between what you like and what others actually want to read can be difficult to say the least. It's hard to find a balance between what you are interested in writing about and what may work for the blog itself. The only real way to know what content should be posted and will gain the most traction is through trial and error. It's tough but hang in there, it will be worth it in the end. Don't worry if you are not getting it right away, I 'm not and I am still in the testing phase of topics myself.

I think every blogger faces their own unique challenges in their blogging journey and that's perfectly okay. We all deal with situations in our own way and at our own pace. If you are a creator I would love to know what kind of challenges you have faces with your projects and staying on task. Let my know in the comments down below!

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