Thai House Miami Restaurant Review

So I am a huge foodie and I am always watching food review videos on YouTube. There's just something super addictive about them. Now, because of it I decided to crawl out of y hypothetical box and do something I always wanted to do, and that's explore, eat and share my personal opinion on places and food I try.

One of the first places I decided to review in Miami is Thai House. From the outside it doesn't really look like much but, I still ended up there on a date. The experience itself was pretty pleasant to be honest. Thai House is a lot more popular than I originally thought, especially based on the amount of people dining and the fact that there were multiple large party tables filled with people. Which I have to say is a definite plus for the restaurant in my eyes. So what was my experience at Thai House like?

Decor 3.4/5

Before I get into the food, I want to talk about the decor. Overall, it wasn't bad. As a matter of fact it's probably the typical type of decor you would find in most Asian restaurants. Especially, restaurants that have been around for ages. However, for someone like me that prefers a more laid back and minimalist style I felt like the restaurant was quite cluttered when you throw in the amount of decor and the amount of tables together. It just felt congested to me. My date on the other hand was not bothered and quite liked the atmosphere and decor. Personally, I loved the tables! The double layered glass just seemed make everything appear as though it was floating.

Food 4/ 5

I have to say that the food in Thai House was so much better than I expected. I don't claim to be an expert on Thai food, but the dishes I was able to try were delicious. On this trip, I ended up ordering the Shrimp Rolls, the Papaya Salad and the Green Curry. Hands down, I loved the Papaya Salad the most! It was spicy and tangy, the ingredients were fresh and crisp and it just suited my personal taste the most. I would probably order this dish again the next time I visit Thai House.

Papaya Salad and Shrimp Rolls

 The Shrimp rolls were also very tasty, the wrapper was light and airy and it was not too oily like a lot of other restaurants in Miami tend to make their rolls. They really gave a lot of rolls as well. Always a plus right?

Thai Tea
Our final dish, the Green Curry was definitely my least favorite of the night. Basically, it was just Thai curry with the usual coconut milk, beef and tons of bamboo shoots. In terms of flavor I would have to say it was simply okay, I ordered the spicy version but, I didn't really get any of that spicy kick. Trust me I had to ask for extra spice. I felt like it was still a bit on the sweeter side for me. However, the reason I can't give this is  5 star rating is because the smell coming from the dish itself was quite strong and a tad bit on the unpleasant side of things. It definitely made it quite difficult to eat and fully enjoy the dish. One thing I definitely loved was the fact that they give you a ton of food, so much so that everything can probably be shared, in true Thai style. I appreciate this because it is quite costly and most places in Miami tend to charge a lot for very little food.

Green Curry

Service 4.5

The service here was pretty good. We were seated immediately and even though we had to wait a bit for the waiter to show up, he was overall very friendly. He made sure our food was delivered quickly and advised us on what to order. We were originally going to order two curry dishes, but he suggested that the portion size of one would be more than enough which I completely appreciated.

Overall, I would rate Thai House a 3.9/5 simply based on my first experience. I will definitely, go back in the future for more of their Papaya Salad and to try other dishes. Probably not going to eat the curry again though. I could live without the odor for a long time. Other than that if you are in Miami, You should definitely look up Thai House. I'm not sure how authentic the food is but, the food is definitely still tasty! Don't worry, if you don't like the dishes I tried, their menu is incredibly extensive. Definitely go for their appetizers though. They are worth the trip!

Thai House Miami: 2250 NE 163rd St, North Miami Beach, FL 33160

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