Oh, you're dating a gamer? Advice for dating gamers.

Let's face it, the dating game is really tough. Constantly having to adapt to all the little facets of your significant other's personality can be really complicated & frustrating especially if you have found yourself attached to a hardcore gamer. Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, but I have seen a lot of relationships with gamers come to a tragic end, especially where a non-gamer is involved. As someone who is currently dating a gamer I thought I could share some advice from my personal experience and from speaking with other gamers.

First of all gamers come in all ages and from all sorts of backgrounds, so leave the thought that only kids should play games at the door and don't even bother imagining the stereotypical gamer types typically found in movies. To be honest there are far more adults in their 30's that play video games than there are kids; and many of them are people you wouldn't even expect. I know a few that are business owners and have high ranking, fast paced jobs. To be frank those people are quite successful in their lives and play games all the time. I've even met people in their 60's that enjoy playing for hours on end. Once you can understand that games are not just for kids then you have definitely taken a step in the right direction.

Another thing you should definitely note is that they really, truly enjoy playing and won't appreciate their gaming time being disrupted. A lot of them play to unwind and release stress or anger. In the same way that you may turn to your hobbies to get over a particularly awful day. Simply allow them the freedom to do so as well and they will love you for it.

On the other hand some gamers can play all day long and completely ignore the world around them. In this case if you feel as though it is negatively impacting your relationship I strongly suggest having a discussion about it and asking for some time to be dedicated to your relationship while still leaving them time to play their games, unbothered.

Truthfully, if you really want to to spend even more time together I suggesting joining in on the fun especially if you are a female. Gamer's love the idea of playing games with their significant others, it's fun for them to bond over the games that they love. Even if you are no good at games, they will still appreciate the effort in the end. If that's a bit much for you, try starting off by showing interests in what they are doing. Ask questions or simply watch while they play. I will admit that watching while some games are played can be a bit dull, but others are actually quite interesting to watch. Give it a try and see what happens.

My final bit of advice doesn't really encompass all gamers, but when it comes to gift giving, try not to overdo it by purchasing tech and games for them unless you are well versed in what type of system or games he or she is interested in. Often times, they will have already bought or preordered any games or tech that they really want for themselves. If you still really want to give them a game related gift, I suggest simply handing them a gaming gift card that correlates with the gaming system they are using.

Dating a gamer? I would love to read about your experience down below in the comment section.

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