Ohla Tea Review

Lychee Bubble Tea

I told you guys I would start reviewing more restaurants and cool little shops in my area, so I have been going out a lot more these days and exploring to see if I could find anything that would catch my interest. I'm so happy I did because I found a cute little shop called Ohla Tea.

What is Ohla Tea?

As the name suggests, Ohla Tea is a tea shop. It's a cute little shop in North Miami that serves a long list of Bubble Teas and a few snacks as well.


Nice Interior and decor

Ohla Tea had such a nice interior. It's set up like a cafe, with several places to just sit and enjoy your Tea. It's a nice alternative to your local Starbucks and has an overall relaxing and quiet atmosphere.

Great Selection of Drinks and Snacks

I love that they have a very decent selection of Teas and Snacks on their menu. You also have the option of adding boba or jelly pearls to your tea.  One of the things I really enjoy is that fact that you can either choose a basic fruit based tea or a milk tea blend for nearly any flavor they have. In addition to that most of their teas are actually made with green tea.

Ohla Tea Menu

They also offer several snacks like fish balls, egg waffles and sweet bread.  I haven't had the chance to try the waffles or the fish balls yet, but it is definitely on my list of things to try. The buns on the other hand are not freshly made, but they are still pretty good.

sian sweet breads


Let me tell you that I am so happy I found this place. All of the Teas I have tried so far are absolutely delicious. They haven't been too sweet or too plain. Really they were all just right.
Some of my favorites so far have been the Lychee milk tea with lychee fruit and boba, the Black Milk Tea with Lavender or Rose and the Passion Fruit Tea.

Black Milk Rose Tea and Passion Fruit Tea with a Custard Bun.


I have to say that I find the packaging of their products super adorable. The cup designs and logo go well together and while they are simple and minimal, I love that you have the option to either use a straw or just sip as if it were a coffee cup.


For a shop in Miami, the products at Ohla Tea are ridiculously affordable. There are tons of great places to visit in the city, but most are often overpriced in comparison to portion sizes. Considering how popular bubble tea has gotten I consider the prices at Ohla Tea a real steal.


I don't actually have much to say about this. The only thing that really bothered me was the fact that if you were not actively looking for Ohla Tea you would most likely miss it.

Also I would not recommend visiting as soon as they open at 11am. They are usually still making boba for their drinks. 

Ohla Tea Entrance

Would I recommend?

All things considered, I would recommend a trip to Ohla Tea, if you are in the area. They have nice service, they are quick and affordable and they definitely keep up with trends. For those of you that are curious they do make the popular Brown sugar milk tea. Considering this is Miami, I wouldn't say it's the best Bubble Tea ever, but it's definitely a nice place to stop by on a hot day.


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