Happy New Year! 2020 Goals!

Happy New Year my readers! It's officially the 1st day of the 2020 and we made it! First of all, I have to say that I am so happy and blessed to be able to see 2020; and that you are here reading this today! With the end of a decade comes the start of a brand new journey. Last year was truely a hard year for me and I spent way too much time focusing on the negative issues in my life. Let me tell you that's not a healthy way to live, that's why for 2020 i'm making an active decision to make real changes and improvements.

My Goals for 2020

My goals for this year are really simple. For me it's all about self growth and elevation.

This year I really want to be a lot more honest with myself about how i'm really feeling in different situations. I usually just suck things up and force myself to accept situations as they are. I realize now that it's not okay and it's something that needs to change quickly.

I'm also hoping to build real financial stability. I mean doesn't everyone? It's been a tough year and I am aiming to make my life a lot better in the financial sense.

Another real goal I have this year is to blog more. I have been super inconsistent with my post and I am trying to change that. I love to write, but it's been hard to think of topics that would interest others. I guess because I'm so laid back I find it harder to think that people are interested in what I have to say. Self doubt is a serious thing.

Finally, I am going to learn to say no a lot more. I am genuinely a nice person and I'm usually willing to help people out and do favors, sadly it's never really reversed. I don't want to continue to spend time on people who are not genuine with me unless they need something. This includes family, friends etc. Honestly, I hope others like me get to a point where they realize enough is enough and that it's time to do more for yourself.

Above all things I just want to be happy with myself and where I am at in my life. Of course, there is no reason to wait for the new year to make positive changes in your life. These are just my thoughts, when I considered how I wanted things to evolve this year. 

Welcome to 2020 and I am so thankful that you are reading my blog. 

Until next time...

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