Emerge Hair product Review

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I sincerely hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy these days. It's really a rough period with everyone being stuck inside, so lately I have been taking the time to test out various hair products from different brands. One of these brands just happens to be Emerge, a fairly new 'clean' hair care line. Just so you know, I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes and this time I was given the chance to try their shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner.

As a naturally curly girl I have tried more hair products than I care to mention. I can't even remember the names of a few of them, but Emerge is a brand that actually impressed me. While it may be a new brand I found that I favor it over a lot of the well known brands that typically stock the shelves in stores and here's why.

What I liked

  • I love that these are actually clean products. My hair didn't feel heavy at all after using it.
  • Usually conditioners have the de-tangle element but, in this case the shampoo was the detangler. This wasn't a feature I thought I would care about, but it's what I love most about the shampoo. It's just so convenient to de tangle my curls during the shampoo portion and it actually de-tangles very easily. I have never ever had such an easy time de-tangling my hair before using this. Yay for a product that works!
  • After using the conditioner my hair felt really smooth, which was great, I often have a hard time telling whether or not something has an effect on my hair until I have used it quite a few times. Let me tell you, definitely not an issue here. I felt the difference immediately.
  • The last step in this hair care process was my favorite. I absolutely adore the deep conditioner mask! It applies so smoothly and I did not have to use a lot of it, shockingly. I liked that the scent isn't too strong, but it still smelled quite nice. However, the real appeal was the actual lack of frizz after using it. My hair has had a hard time lately and the the fact that there was an immediate change after only the first time using it has made my day. My curls love this product!
  • I did my research and these products are quite affordable. Each one is under $8.

What I didn't like

  • I am personally a very visual creature and I have to say the labels on this bottle didn't impress me at all. I probably would never have looked twice at the bottle just based on the design, especially in comparison to the designs of other brands. That being said never judge a book by it's cover. Emerge's hair product line is truly worth a try.
  • I have to warn you guys before you use the shampoo. The consistency is like water, so be careful. It's actually quite easy to use too much or spill it if you aren't paying attention. Definitely, took me a minute to feel as though I had actually applied product to my hair.
  • While the deep conditioner has a nice scent, the shampoo and the the regular conditioner were not as fragrant. I don't personally care for fragrances that are too strong, I do love when my hair smells great after a good wash.

Overall, I would have to say that Emerge has actually managed to become one of my favorite hair care brands very quickly. It's rare to find a product that my curls love and the best part is that it's for all textures. I definitely recommend Emerge hair products for all my natural girls. It's completely worth the purchase! The only downfall is that it is currently only sold at your local Target and on the Emerge website, since it is a fairly new brand. All things considered, I can definitely imagine that Emerge will become a brand name that everyone will remember.

Are there any hair products that have impressed you? Let me know down below in the comment section

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