4 YouTube Channels to follow


I'll be real with you all. I barely watch TV because I have a huge preference for streaming my favorite shows. As a result I am always using YouTube especially to watch some of my all time favorite content creators. You never know what you will find on a streaming app like YouTube.

"Life is better when you're laughing!"

4 YouTube Channels To Follow

Strictly Dumpling: This is an awesome food travel vlog by creator Mikey Chen. I love that he often travels to different countries and tries new food. He gives his viewers his honest opinion about both the taste of the food and the quality of service he receives. He is a food vlogger that is definitely not afraid to say that he doesn't likes something. Although, he will always suggest adding his favorite hot oil to most dishes.

Brad Mondo: I typically don't watch a lot of beauty vlogs, but I enjoy Brad's hair dresser reacts videos. The hair fails he reacts to are always amusing, but I appreciate the fact that Brad often provides advice and explains why these diy hair projects fail. Overall, he is hilarious but also informative as a vlogger.

Rebecca Vocal Athlete: I'm a fairly new subscriber to this channel, but so far I am living for it! It's basically another reaction channel that focuses on music. I really enjoy channels that add a bit of value to my life and this YouTuber is a vocal coach that reacts to music videos while teaching about different vocal skills. Oddly enough I love this YouTuber more because she is super quirky.

Megan Bowen: I've been subscribed to Megan's channel for years. It's all about life in Korea and is usually very informative for people looking to visit or move abroad. She is one of my favourites because unlike other YouTubers she has fully immersed herself in the culture and is actually fluent in the language. She is also very open to answering questions from her viewers.
Honestly, these are just a few of my personal favorite channels on YouTube. There are tons of interesting and unique creators out there that have yet to have been discovered. Which is the great thing about YouTube, there is something for everyone to watch. I definitely recommend these four YouTubers though. 
What are your favorite YouTube channels. Let me know down below in the comment section.
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