3 Awesome shows to watch


This month I have been addicted to more foreign TV shows than usual. Not that this is new or anything, I am almost always watching something in another language. So, if you're not opposed to subtitles then check out these three dramas.

"No event is ordinary"


  1. Who are you?

    This is a Thai adaption of a Korean TV series. It's about a young orphaned girl who was bullied so severely that she tries to commit suicide, only to fail and end up replacing the twin that she never knew she had. I have to say say that I loved the Korean version, but the Thai version is just as good. There's a bit of mystery and quite a few emotional scenes. The best thing about this is that the series can actually be found on YouTube with English subtitles.

  2. Food Wars

    For all you foodies and anime lovers this is the perfect fit for you. This is an anime about a teenage boy who is really talented at cooking. He ends up attending a culinary high school and competing with tons of talented student chefs. Despite the copious amount of ecchi fan service, I really enjoyed the detail that went into the cooking scenes. It was oddly intense and kind of inspiring for an anime about cooking.

  3. Vagabond

    I have to admit I was a tad bit obsessed with Vagabond. This is a Korean drama starring former Miss A member Suzy and Lee Seung Gi. In the drama Lee Seung Gi plays a distraught uncle who lost his nephew in a terrorist attack. However, the government refuses to admit it or do anything about it. As a result Lee Seung Gi sets out to find his nephew's murderers and with the help of Suzy uncovers and web of corrupt government officials. This drama was one of my favorites. It's been a while since I have really enjoyed a Korean drama and I have to say that this drama kept me on my toes for a bit. I loved the way the characters developed and how the villain was never really who you thought it was. There were so many plot twist, I couldn't really consider this drama predictable. You should definitely check it out on Netflix if it is available in your region.


There are so many awesome shows out there that are just waiting to be watched. I just happen to like watching most of mine in different languages. Do you have a suggestion for  new show to watch? Which are your favorites? Let me know down below in the comment section!

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