Tips for New Roommates



When I first moved out on my own, I thought things would be great and for a while they really were. I had a roommate, who I thought was a amazing; and I was basically living my best life at the time. After a while though, I learned that having a roommate can either be an amazing experience or an awful decision. Truthfully though I've had several roommates. They weren't always the best, but I eventually learned how to adjust to the different lifestyles and personalities.

I typically wouldn't really suggest having a roommate because of numerous factors, but sometimes it is the most affordable option, especially if you are just starting out on your own. If you have chosen to go the roommate route then I have some tips to share with you.

"I am trusting that everything is aligning in my favor."

My Tips for Living with Roommates

  1. Set some Ground Rules:

    Frankly, having a roommate can actually be a really fun experience if you are lucky. Even so I suggest setting ground rules in order to avoid stepping on anyone's toes. Talk about simple things like having guests over or sharing the kitchen space and groceries. Anything under the sun that would make it easier to live together.
  2. Be Considerate:

    This is a really simple concept, but a lot of people don't really get it. Things like playing loud music, hogging the bathroom can be really frustrating to someone who isn't accustomed to situations like that. Basically, just treat your roommate the same way that you want to be treated, to avoid petty arguments
  3. Split the Chores:

    I would hope that your roommates clean up after themselves, but regardless try to discuss cleaning shared spaces. It's only fair to split chores in areas of the house/apartment, so that everyone can continue to enjoy the space.
  4. Discuss Bills:

    This is really important to discuss with your roommate, based on your own personal income, you should discuss important bills such as the electricity and water bills. Also factor in nonessential bills such as the cable and internet. Consider what you are able and willing to pay for within everyone's budget and make sure you pay on time.
  5. Get Friendly:

    This is my final tip. You don't necessarily have to be the best of friends with your new roommate, but  it helps if you make an effort to get to know the person you are living with. Try to understand them and give them a chance to get to know you. After all, who really wants to live with a stranger for an extended period of time.

All of my tips are based on my personal experiences. There are so many different factors to consider when you move in with someone new and I'm sure you will all have your own unique experiences and learn from them like I did. Living with a roommate requires a lot of give and take and hopefully you will find a great roomie to share your space with!

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