Tiramisu Recipe

We all love the occasional treat and some of my personal favorite treats involve chocolate and cocoa. That's why I was so happy that one of my close friends sent me her Tiramisu recipe to try out. She loves making all things sweet and was nice enough to share this simple recipe with me.

        Life is SWEET!"

Tiramisu Recipe


500 gr cream cheese
200 ml heavy cream
4 egg yolks 
5 tbsp of sugar
200 gr of lady finger cookies
4 tbsp of coffee
4 tbsp of (brandy or baileys) 
Cocoa powder (sifted for the topping) 
Vanilla essence 
Medium pan 


  1. First whisk the heavy cream with 1 tbsp of sugar until it is fluffy and creamy. 
  2. In a separate bowl you will want to whisk the egg yolk along with the rest of the sugar until it is a pale color. 
  3. Next you will whisk the cream cheese in another bowl until you see no lumps. Then the egg yolk mixture you made previously. Whisk it again until everything is fully incorporated.
  4. Finally you will add in the heavy cream mixture and use a spatula to fold it in. 
  5. Now for the last few steps. Brew the coffee and add the brandy or baileys to it. Make sure to wait until it is warm and start soaking the lady fingers into the coffee. 
  6. Next layer the soaked lady fingers in the pan. Then add a layer of the prepared cream mixture and repeat the process once more. 
  7. At the end sprinkle the sifted cocoa powder on top and place it in the fridge to set over night. Voila! You're done!

What are some of your favorite sweets to eat? Let me know in the comment section down below. 
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