Don't be afraid to start

It's crazy how many of us go through life blocking our own success. Even when it concerns things that we want to do or try out there are many of us who allow others to talk us out of things because they don't think we will succeed. It's even worse when we talk ourselves out of doing things because of our own silly doubts and fears. I know that I have done it to myself multiple times and I have so many regrets because of it. I guess the reality of it is that if you never even try, then you have no way of knowing what will happen. You will always wonder what would have happened. Now that I am older, I have learned that it is better to start something whether it succeeds or not, because this life is filled with potential opportunities. That's part of the reason why I started blogging. In fact there are so many new things that I have started doing that I want to tell you all about.

I have actually recently started crocheting as a hobby. It's really difficult to do, but as someone that is almost always stressed I have discovered that it's really a relaxing hobby. I kind of just fall into it and by the time I come up for air more than a few hours have gone by. It's really perfect for me, when I need to focus on something other than personal issues.I will definitely tell you all more about how I started this in another post.

Personally, I find streaming to be very interesting and while I started my own Twitch channel, I haven't really streamed much since I moved. However I liked it so much that I decided to start my own YouTube channel which I am also beginning to build content for. If I hadn't started a Twitch account I would have never decided to create video content on YouTube.

There is really no rule that says you have to stick to one thing, but simply starting something new can open up new doors that you probably never imagined before. This is simply about giving yourself a chance and putting all those doubts and fears on mute. Give yourself room to fly.

Is there something that you have always wanted to try, but never gave yourself the chance? Let me know in the comment section.
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